“It’s like spicy food – sometimes you have to tone it down so more people can enjoy it.”

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Mar 26 2011

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-Kenneth Edmonds

*****Disclaimer, while I find this quote funny, I completely disagree.  Here’s a bit of advice from me: Never. Tone. It. Down.

Wow it’s been so long since I’ve contributed to this blog.  I love you Sara for putting up with me!!!
This is a recipe that was originally at the Cheesecake Factory.  I figured out what was inside of them and recreated it! It’s pretty simple.  These “Buffalo Blasts” as they call them, or as we can call them “Pockets filled with Joy” have a few simple ingredients.

Won-Ton Wrappers (found at most grocery stores, get the ones that are square and not too small!)
Chicken (leftover chicken is best and easiest, you should shred it)
Blue Cheese
Buffalo Sauce
1 Egg

Basically I’m not giving amounts for the ingredients because it’s all based on personal preference.

So! get one wonton wrapper and in the middle of it put a good amount of chicken, blue cheese and Buffalo sauce (I used Franks)
wet the edges of the wonton and place another one over it, pursing the edges with your fingers.  Make sure the edges are wet enough that they’ll hold!
After you make the amount that you want, beat an egg with about 1/4 cup of water and dip the pockets into them
In a separate bowl dip the pockets into the breadcrumbs.

In very hot oil (either in a skillet or a deep fryer) carefully place the pockets for about  3-5 minutes, just enough to brown them on either side!

Serve them with a side of blue cheese, hot sauce or just plain! They’re super tasty.


I think this is a fun sassy song to go along with this fun meal!