“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”

By: musicisfoodoflove

Jun 11 2010

Category: Rants


-George Bernard Shaw.

I won’t agree with this wholeheartedly.  Not because I don’t love food, but my passion for music is equal to the food that I cook.  Let me explain more about my thoughts and ideas for this blog.

My name is Summer, I am an amateur at about everything I do and I love it.  I sing opera, I don’t much care to define myself by saying that…I hope to prove to you over the next few weeks (…months?) that I am more than just a ‘singer’ but that I am a girl, who sings, cooks, travels, laughs, cries, throw in a few other emotions and now you have a real person.

This blog will consist of recipes and music, a combination of things that both my friend Sara, who will be joining me on this endeavor from across the country, and myself love.  I will let Sara introduce herself but I will tell you that she too is a musician and a fellow lover of cooking.  If I dare say, she makes a mean cake and whatever else you can think of that consists of the one word I strive to not be afraid of: Baking. I will leave most of that to her, though my sweet tooth sometimes makes me venture towards a depressing, picture unworthy, pathetic looking cake at random times during the year.

I am excited to start this blog, and to add little twists to an already overpopulated travail of food blogs.  One thing different is that with every meal we tell you about, complete with recipe, and hopefully picture, we will give you a glorious piece of music to listen to while cooking or eating the food.  Sort of like a wine for different courses, but a less clumsy less embarrassing cousin: Music.

That is all for now! I hope you enjoy everything on here, we will start blogging asap!

With love,



5 comments on ““There is no sincerer love than the love of food.””

  1. Classical or genre-hopping?

  2. This sounds great!! I would like to suggest that you keep in mind that most of us work long hours and it would wonderful if you can keep your recopies simple and healthy. I know they will be good.

  3. Summer, this is awesome! I love you, and Jenny and I will try out your recipes this summer!!

  4. come back to third world

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