About the Two of Us

So we’re two girls that like music right? We also like cooking…right? And we also are somewhat bored and want to feel like we have accomplishments….hence…our blog.

Summer (In the Yellow) is a voice major at Oberlin Conservatory going into her senior year.  She lives in North Carolina and could survive off of Buffalo Wings.  She hasn’t successfully made them herself, because of her snobbish picky nature when it comes to The. Buffalo. Wing.

Sara (In the Blue/Grey) is a violinist a Oberlin Conservatory also going into her senior year.  She lives in Texas and will never pass up Chocolate and Raspberries.  Give her those two ingredients and a) her life will be happy b) your life will soon have the most tasty treat you have ever feasted upon in front of you.



I think we might have just figured out world peace guys….)*


Mix these 6 ingredients up and add a pinch more love and see what happens.

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One comment on “About the Two of Us”

  1. Summer, what a great website idea! I have been relatively obsessed with food and cooking for the past year or 2. This is GREAT! I miss you!! 🙂

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